Welcome to ARCER Solutions

In this age of Digital Transformation and Big Data, customers are evaluating their existing infrastructure and architecture to migrate to “NextGen” solutions. These solutions are important to support Business with changing environment and strategies. There is lot of emphasis on automating processes and making sure they deliver the correct results with good return on huge investments being made by the organizations. These technologies include but not limited to Cloud Computing, Big Data, BPM, CRM, Data Streaming, Data Lake, Pixel Perfect Visualizations, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Analytics, Robotic Process Automation.

Not all solutions may work for a client depending on the business vision, timeline, budget and capability of the organization. Here at ARCER, we believe in proposing solutions to our clients that are going to get the best ROI and at the same time being flexible, secure and robust with the future needs. Something which they will be able to manage and support their business.

Depending upon the engagement, we can support Business identifying the gap between Business vision and existing IT Capability, and then working with IT Team to implement a solution to close the gap. ARCER has got capabilities in various areas that are required to achieve this vision which includes Enterprise Architecture Modeling, Product Management, Design and Development, Testing and Deploying solutions. We can engage with clients at any or all of these phases to support with fulfilling the desired goals and objectives.